Cox Enters Next Phase of Gigabit Rollout

Cox Communications said it has entered the next phase of its gigabit rollout as it starts to deploy and introduce DOCSIS 3.1-based broadband services on its widely deployed HFC networks.

Cox initially targeted 1 Gbps speeds using “Gigablast,” a fiber-to-the-premises platform and confirmed Friday that Gigablast is now available in all its “major” markets, including targeted FTTP overlays in Omaha, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Las Vegas and Phoenix, and FTTP in all greenfields. Cox first launched Gigablast in 2014 in Phoenix.

Cox, which pledged to begin market-wide deployment of Gigabit services by the end of 2016 in apronouncement made during The Cable Show in 2014, said it is now driving 1-Gig on a nationwide basis with DOCSIS 3.1 and has the technology up and live with employees, and expects to begin commercial deployments of D3.1-based services in some still-to-be-identified markets later this year.

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(Photo viaMike Mozart's Flickr.Image taken on July 28, 2017 and used per Creative Commons 2.0 license. The photo was cropped to fit 16x9 aspect ratio.)