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Cox Brings VOD to Retail TiVo Boxes

As anticipated, TiVo and Cox Communications have completed an integration that enables Cox to provide access to its VOD library on retail TiVo devices, including Roamio and Premiere DVRs.

The tie-in will enable Cox customers who use TiVo to stream in content from Cox’s VOD library, which now offers more than 18,000 movies and TV shows. The integration will also allow those customers to search for Cox VOD content via the TiVo interface.

Cox is delivering VOD to TiVo boxes over IP connections, so Cox subs will need a broadband connection to access and receive VOD via TiVo’s retail platform. Cox's IP-VOD tie-in with TiVo uses digital rights management (DRM) from Verimatrix, closely mirroring how Cox delivers VOD over IP via its “Contour” app for tablets.

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