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Court Shuts Down Shava TV, Cres TV for Illegal Streaming of International Programming

Dish Network said the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled to shut down Shava TV and Cres TV, OTT services that were found to be streaming and selling a wide array of international programming illegally in the U.S.

Those services, the plaintiffs claimed, had been selling Shava TV and Cres IPTV boxes with access to service for $279 to $349 per unit, depending on the service, while giving customers the false impression that they were providing lawful broadcasts.

The plaintiffs charged that that Shava TV and Cres TV, which were said to be retransmitting channels using a peer-to-peer network, did not provide compensation for selling and distributing their content, which included Arabic and South Asian entertainment programming.

Per the judgement, the group of plaintiffs, which included Dish, was also awarded more than $25 million in damages.

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