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CounterPath Inks Deal with Rogers

CounterPath has signed a commercial deal with Canada's Rogers Communications that will simplify the use of VoIP services and allow its subscribers to use those services to more easily communicate with multiple devices.

The new Rogers One Number service is designed to deal with the fact that many consumers have many ways of communicating via VoIP services on computers, text messaging, email or wireless voice.

The Rogers One Number service powered by CounterPath's solution helps overcome that complexity by converging voice, video and text messages onto a single number that can be accessed on multiple devices.

"Service providers worldwide know that their customers want a convenient, cost-effective way to stay in touch across multiple devices and networks, leveraging a single phone number," said Donovan Jones, President and CEO, CounterPath, in a statement. "As Canada's largest wireless provider, Rogers continues to demonstrate innovation by delivering the kind of single-number voice, video and messaging reachability that consumers want."

The service also allows users to synch and managed contact lists, emails and text messages in one inbox on a computer; to start calls on mobile phones and switch the conversation to a computer when they arrive home; and to use their computer to call any Canadian number for free.