ConnecTV Unveils Second Screen Ad Network

The social TV company ConnecTV that works with a number of
broadcasting groups on its second screen application has launched a new ad
platform. ConnecTV's Ad Sync Network will deliver ads to mobile phones, tablets
and other second screens in a way that complements TV ads or content.

The launch is a major step forward in attempts to monetize
the hot, but still relatively nascent second screen or social TV sector. Major
local ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CW affiliates will be working with ConnecTV's Ad
Sync Network.

The network will be sold both by ConnecTV as well as its
broadcast partners. These include Belo Corp., Cox Media Group, E.W. Scripps
Co., Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television Inc., Media General Inc., Meredith
Corp., Post-Newsweek Stations Inc. and Raycom Media, which represent nearly 250
ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW network-affiliated stations across the country.

ConnecTV Ad Sync allows brands to offer a second-screen
experience on more than 400 national and local channels that would complement
their TV spots. It would allow viewers to buy products, enter contests, get
promotion materials, send marketing alerts and offer additional content. The
new ad network is available via ConnecTV's free companion app or any ConnecTV
syndication partner.

As part of the effort, TV content will be indexed on over
400 channels and advertisers will be able to market against those keywords on
second-screen devices.

"ConnecTV Ad Sync and TV Words are bringing the power of
Google-like products such as Adsense and Adwords to the $80 billion TV
advertising industry," said Ian Aaron, cofounder of ConnecTV.  "Our
ConnecTV companion ads make TV spots more effective, marrying the powerful
sights and sounds of traditional commercials with the lead generating
capabilities from digital ads. By working closely with our broadcast partners,
we look forward to bringing our new ad sync network hyperlocal."

"Broadcasters have been in business for more than half a
century because we help local businesses build relationships with our viewers
in their communities," added Pat LaPlatney, VP of digital media and business
development at Raycom Media. "ConnecTV's new ad sync platform enables us to
deepen those relationships and offers viewers the ability to act on the ads
that are most relevant to them."

Ad Sync and TV Words are available via ConnecTV's Social TV
Network and can be syndicated to activate synchronized ad services across all
web, iOS, Android and smart TV platforms, ConnecTV reports.

The synchronized ad network utilizes ConnecTV's patent
pending proprietary content recognition and ad identification technology.