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ConnecTV Launches SocialTV Timeline on Mobile

Social TV provider ConnecTV has unveiled a new SocialTV Timeline that syncs mobile devices to whatever show a viewer is watching and offers users a stream of additional content and social media feeds.

The new features also include "guest star" chats with stars from such programs as Pretty Little Liars, Dancing With the Stars, and The X Factor, or with sports celebrities.

A number of major broadcast station groups are currently working with ConnecTV on second screen or social TV features for programming and ads. Overall, ConnecTV is offering second screen content tied to TV shows on more than 400 channels.

In a statement, ConnecTV co-founder Ian Aaron noted that the new features were designed to enhance "television viewing - rather than distracting you from the ten foot experience by pulling your focus in dozens of different directions," and to give "our million users...a companion experience to television programming and marketing that they can act on with one touch."

The new SocialTV Timeline is also available for syndication by third parties as a module that works in smart phone and tablet applications as well as on web pages.