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comScore Launches New Measurement Service for Digital Devices

The digital media and online measurement service comScore, Inc. has launched Device Essentials, a new service that measures digital traffic for all digital devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, music players, e-readers, gaming devices, and other web-enabled devices.

"Using comScore's proprietary global UDM data set, we have been able to develop an expansive profile of traffic patterns across device type, connection type and geography which delivers the critical insight needed by wireless carriers, OEMs, publishers and app developers to optimize their marketing strategies and customer experience," explained Serge Matta, comScore executive vice president of telecom and wireless.

Early data from the new service provides some interesting insights into traffic by a number of devices around the world.

The data showed the clear dominance of Apple's iPad in the table market, and the importance of the device for app developers, with the iPad accounting for 89% of the tablet traffic.

In the U.S. the iPad at 21.8% of all non-computer traffic, and about 96.9% of total tablet traffic. In contrast, Android tablets accounted for only 0.6% of non-computer traffic.

Android smart phones, however, had a larger share, with 35.6% of non-computer traffic in the U.S., followed by iPhones, with a 23.5% share. Other smart phones accounted for 6.7% and the iPad Touch had 7.8% of the non-computer traffic in the U.S.

The Device Essentials service will initially report exclusively on page view activity. Data collected includes: share of smartphone and feature phone usage by operating system; carrier share of smartphone traffic; operating system share of carrier traffic; mobile HTML vs. standard HTML traffic by content by device type; WiFi versus non-WiFi traffic; traffic to various content categories by carrier, OS and device type; and other data.