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Communications Corp. of America Selects Volicon

Volicon has announced that Communications Corporation of America has deployed its Observer digital video monitoring and logging system at its 25 stations. The system is being used to ingest all stations' production feeds and then to clip and convert the on-air content for Web delivery.

"The Observer system gives station staff the ability to access and review all of their on-air content, as well as tools that make it easy to create content for their websites," said Andrew Newland, Web development manager for Communications Corporation of America in a statement.

The system has been installed at four sites that serve all 25 stations, which are located in 10 markets throughout Louisiana, Texas and Indiana. It allows local station staff to access production feeds that are captured and stored on the system on desktop computers or smart devices and then create clips that are automatically converted to the right format for the Web. Some of the larger markets are currently using it to put more than 60 stories a day on their websites.

"The ease with which we can add video to station websites has made our products that much stronger," added Newland in a statement. "The speed and simplicity of the Volicon solution helps each station get timely news online quickly, and that's critical in the broadcast news environment."