Comcast's HITS Intros 3D EBIF App

HITS, the unit of Comcast Media Center (CMC) in Denver that provides centralized content management and distribution solutions for cable systems, has created a new interactive application aimed at making 2D program guides and tickers viewable on new 3D TV sets.

The new application, which is based on the EBIF (Enhanced Binary Interchange Format) software platform supported by most digital set-top boxes, allows 3D and 2D content to be viewed simultaneously. CMC says that cable operators could employ the technology to ensure that typical visual elements that are not in 3D source code, such as text or buttons, can still be delivered in high quality during a 3D viewing session.

"We are excited by the opportunity to develop solutions that support next-generation video formats," said Gary Traver, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the CMC, in a statement. "The 3D interactive application demonstrates how all elements of content can coexist in a 3D environment. We have successfully integrated text, images and video feeds into a seamless viewer experience. This technology enables more rapid adoption of 3D programming and promotes the continued growth of interactive television in the future."