Comcast Streams Netflix 4K Fare to X1 Boxes

Comcast said it has begun to support 4K content from Netflix, including the new season of 'Stranger Things', on its X1 platform.

To partake, Comcast X1 subs with Netflix subscriptions will need a 4K-capable set as well as the XG1v4, a new set-top box model for the X1 service designed by Comcast that’s initially being made by Arris that supports 4K as well as High Dynamic Range and includes six tuners and an integrated DVR.

Comcast is also testing an IP companion box, called the Xi6, that also supports the pixel-packed format but does not yet offer access to Netflix’s 4K library, which today features more than 1,200 hours of content, and also includes original series such as 'The Crown', 'Narcos', and 'Orange Is The New Black'.

Comcast integrated Netflix on its X1 platform about a year ago, and has since added YouTube to its OTT mix.

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Comcast notes that Netflix recommends a connection speed of at least 25 Mbps to stream 4K titles, and that if a Netflix movie or TV show is available in 4K, the default playback will be in that format. Because Netflix is delivered to X1 via OTT, the SVOD service is subject to Comcast’s internet usage policy.

“Future phases” of 4K content on X1 will include search and discovery with the platform’s voice remote, editorialized collections on Comcast’s own VOD offering, and an option to select the playback method (4K, HD, etc.) by program.

"We remain focused on providing our customers high-quality entertainment experiences across platforms, which includes easy access to the best 4K programming," Brynn Lev, vice president, editorial and programming, content Strategy and operations, at Comcast, said in a statement. "We are thrilled to make the popular Netflix catalog of 4K programming available to X1 customers and will continue to rapidly expand the UHD programming choices available on the platform."