Comcast Spruces Up DVR Features in Boston Area

Comcast has launched multiroom digital video recorder service
and online DVR management throughout Boston, most of Massachusetts and southern
New Hampshire, along with an upgrade to the latest version of the i-Guide
interactive program guide for Motorola set-tops.

The AnyRoom DVR service requires one primary HD DVR set-top box, with up to
three additional HD set-top boxes able to play back recorded content. The
client set-tops connect to the central DVR using the Multimedia over Coax
Alliance (MoCA) specification. Comcast offers the service in more
than 20 markets
in its Motorola footprint.

In addition, Comcast has introduced the next version of i-Guide for Motorola
set-tops, version A28, in the Boston region. The IPG is maintained by
GuideWorks, the joint venture of Comcast and Rovi (formerly Macrovision).

With i-Guide A28, Comcast offers myDVR Manager, which lets subscribers
schedule recordings on one or more DVRs from the Web at

AnyRoom DVR requires customers to upgrade their primary DVR to the Motorola
DCX3400-M, which can store up to 50 hours of HD programming with a 500-Gigabyte
hard disk. Pricing for the primary DVR starts at $13.95 per month for
triple-play customers and goes up to $19.95 per month, with secondary set-tops
like the DCX3200-M running an average of $8 per month, according to Comcast.

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