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Comcast’s ‘Watchathon Week’ Breaks More Records

Comcast said its third annual Xfinity Watchathon – a cross-platform VOD binge-fest held April 6-12 – broke more records as customers gobbled down 56 million hours of video, up 13% from last year’s Watchathon.

For the first time, Xfinity On Demand, Comcast’s VOD service for set-tops, exceeded 1 million streams on consecutive days – on Friday (April 10) and Saturday (April 11) – according to this blog post from Andy Hunter, VP of programming at Comcast.

The event also saw a boost in TV Everywhere usage. Per Hunter, Comcast subs tapped Xfinity TV Go, the MSO’s TVE app for mobile devices, and authenticated on programmer-run TVE apps to watch more than 3 million hours of comedies, dramas and reality TV during Watchathon Week. That was a 64% increase from last year’s tilt.

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