Comcast’s ‘Tech ETA’ Feature Goes Wide

Following a string of trials in several individual markets, Comcast confirmed that it has rolled out Tech ETA, an app that lets customers track their technicians and installers, in all of the MSO’s markets.

Update: The current version of Tech ETA does not present a digital map that tracks the tech’s whereabouts or provide an element that enables customers to rate their techs. Those features were supported in earlier test versions of Tech ETA. “We’re constantly updating our technology tools and plan to incorporate more functionality into Tech ETA this year,” a company spokesperson said via email.“No more calling in to confirm that we’ll be there or guessing when your tech is on their way – Tech ETA will tell you when they are ‘en route’ and have arrived at your home,” Charlie Herrin, executive VP of customer experience for Comcast, explained in this blog post. “You can even see the tech’s name and photo, so you know exactly who to expect at your door.”

Comcast started to test the Tech ETA feature in late 2014 in the Boston area. Glympse announced late last year that its location technology is powering some recently launched tech-tracker apps from Rogers Communications, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, which is now part of Charter Communications.

Comcast noted that it has also cut its appointment windows from four hours to two hours and that the company achieved a 97% on-time arrival rate in 2016. If the arrival time is late, Comcast credits the customer’s account with $20.

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