Comcast Rethinks Multiscreen Video with 'VIPER'

Comcast has seen its IP, multiscreen video future, and its name is VIPER.

After developing in relative secrecy in recent years, Comcast is now starting to shed light on VIPER, a largely "home grown"  cloud-based, IP video infrastructure that's been built to deliver a broad mix of on-demand video, live TV streams and an assortment of other digital media to an array of connected devices that's expected to comprise everything from PCs, smartphones, gaming consoles, IP client boxes, and smart TVs.

Comcast senior VP and chief software architect Sree Kotay (pictured) outlined some of the baseline aspects of VIPER earlier this month in this blog post, and recently discussed the MSO's new broadcast-quality, IP video pipeline in more detail with Multichannel News.

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