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Comcast Partners on Solar Power Trial

Comcast confirmed that it has kicked off a trial with Sunrun that offers Comcast customers an alternative solar energy program that aims to reduce what they pay annually for electricity, in addition to savings from the cable operator.

Comcast, an official said, started the pilot in its Northeastern Division (New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut and New York) in mid-October.

A reader shared an email from Comcast touting the trial. Comcast and Sunrun have also erected a Web site about the pilot program, which offers qualified Comcast subs a $600 discount payable via a reloadable Visa prepaid card in four quarterly installments of $150. According to the offer, which expires on Dec. 31, customers on the program must remain an active Comcast and Sunrun customer for 12 months to receive the full $600 value.

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