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Comcast Outlines Tech ‘Playbook’ For Time Warner Cable

The specifics will come later of course, but Comcast said it already has a pretty good sense of the technology playbook it will put into action if and when its proposed $45.2 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable is successful.

That playbook will look a lot like the one Comcast has been pulling off, meaning an emphasis on all-digital upgrades, faster broadband speeds, more deployments of Wi-Fi, access to a growing video-on-demand library, and the expansion of its cloud-fed X1 platform, which, in Boston, recently added a cloud DVR component and apps that enable in-home streaming of Comcast's full TV lineup to PCs, tablets and smartphones.

“That playbook has given us real momentum at Comcast Cable,” Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said Thursday morning during a call with reporters, adding later that access to a bigger footprint "gives us room for growth and innovation of new products.”

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