Comcast Nears Launch of Beta Trial of Netflix on X1

Comcast said it will begin to integrate Netflix on its X1 platform “[i]n the next few days” as a beta that will appear in the “Comcast Labs” section that provides access to apps and services prior to their wide commercial launch.

In a joint blog post, the Comcast and Netflix engineering teams noted that Netflix fare, including original and licensed series such as Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, will be accessible alongside Comcast’s live TV and VOD content as well as a customer's DVR recordings.

X1 customers will be alerted by Comcast when they’ve been added to the Beta Program. From there, customers who are part of the trial will be able to opt-in via the Comcast Labs area, access the Netflix app and log in with their credentials or sign-up for Netflix directly through X1. They’ll make a “bigger announcement” when Netflix officially launches on X1.

“The Netflix Beta Program has been a major effort for teams at both companies, so we’re rolling out a beta to ensure it works smoothly before we formally launch it to millions of X1 customers later this year.”

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