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Comcast Folds Customer Experience, Service Teams Into Technology and Products Division

As part of a reorg, the Customer Experience and Customer Service teams of Comcast have recently been combined with the company’s Technology and Products division.

The organizational shift, which also results in several personnel moves, aim to help the company “deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience,” Tony Werner, president of Comcast’s Technology and Products Group, noted in an internal communication last month that was obtained by Multichannel News. “We are making these changes consistent with the guiding principles that have served us well – to move faster, minimize hand offs, reduce overlap and provide clear authority and accountability.”

The restructuring, which comes about a year after Werner was promoted to his current post, also comes soon after Comcast Cable chief technology officer Sree Kotay left the company. Comcast has not announced a replacement for Kotay. 

As the memo spells out, the changes center on areas such as Information and Product Security; Comcast Innovation Labs;  Customer Experience and Customer Service; Product; Network and Operations; Infrastructure; and Access Networks.

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