Comcast Dropping ‘AnyPlay’

Comcast is discontinuing AnyPlay, a specialized video encoding device that delivers live TV to iOS and Android devices over the subscriber’s home network, on March 31.

Comcast developed the single-stream AnyPlay device in partnership with Motorola Home, a unit now part of Arris Group that had marketed the product under the Televation brand.

AnyPlay, which essentially amounted to a headless CableCARD set-top with on-board Wi-Fi and QAM-to-IP video transcoding capabilities, allowed Comcast customers to stream their full linear TV lineups to iOS and Android-powered tablets and smartphones over the home wireless network. AnyPlay did not support the Xfinity On Demand service, and limited access to the customer’s home network. Sources familiar with the project have said AnyPlay/Televation could enable out-of-home TV streaming with a firmware update, but that potential option apparently was not pursued.

The original concept behind the AnyPlay apparently became obsolete in the presence of other video streaming options available to Comcast customers.

“Since launching the AnyPlay in 2012 we have developed new, innovative technologies that provide customers with more choices and flexibility for streaming live and On Demand programming without the need for additional equipment,” Comcast said on its AnyPlay app page for both Android and Apple iOS (opens in new tab).