Comcast Brings Voice Control to X1 Remote

Comcast's iPhone-based navigation app for its X1 platform
has sprouted a set of ears.

The MSO on Wednesday announced that it has added a voice
control feature to its X1 Remote that enables users to discover content and
change channels by network name by simply uttering those commands into an
iPhone microphone.

Comcast did not disclose any vendor partners for
the new voice control feature, but noted that it lets users navigate the X1
service using simple phrases such as "When is the next Phillies game?" or "Show
me all action movies on HBO." Nuance Communications, the company that powers
Apple's Siri software and is a tech partner for DirecTV's new speech
recognition feature, did disclose Comcast as a customer in 2010, but did not
reveal the specific nature of that business relationship.

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