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Comcast Boots Up 2-Gig Residential Broadband

Comcast has entered the Gigabit era.  

Aiming to one-up 1-Gig broadband offerings from the likes of AT&T and Google Fiber, Comcast next month will introduce Gigabit Pro, an uncapped, fiber-based, symmetrical 2 Gbps service that will initially be offered to more than 1.5 million customers in Atlanta and expand the service into more Comcast markets throughout 2015.  

“We’ll first offer this service in Atlanta and roll it out in additional cities soon with the goal to have it available across the country and available to about 18 million homes by the end of the year,” Marcien Jenckes, executive vice president, consumer services for Comcast Cable explained in this blog post.  

Atlanta, the first market to get Gigabit Pro, is becoming a speed-crazy city. Google Fiber, for example, will be offering its mix of 1-Gig and pay-TV services in Atlanta as part of a plan to expand services to 18 new cities across four metro areas. Atlanta is also on the list for AT&T’s fiber-based 1-Gig-capable GigaPower offering.

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