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Com Hem to Offer TiVo/Netflix Mix

Com Hem, Sweden's largest cable operator, is poised to be the second MSO to offer a leased, TiVo-powered box that will support the Netflix video streaming service.

The operator said it will roll out the TiVo service on Samsung-made boxes on October 7, and will make Netflix available through the service sometime in December. Com Hem said its TiVo package will also come with a larger channel lineup, led by an 80-channel tier called TiVo Max, and a British VOD service called Cirkus.

Com Hem's TiVo service, which will range from SEK 149 (US $23.25) to SEK 439 ($68.46) per month, will feature a Samsung DVR with three tuners and 1 terabyte of storage. The operator, which began to trial the TiVo package with a small batch of customers in August, said more than 45,000 customers have pre-registered for the service since May 15.

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