Cogeco Completes TiVo Rollout

Cogeco Cable Canada said it has rolled out its new TiVo-powered offering in all operating markets following its launch Quebec.

Cogeco’s deployment, marking TiVo’s first with a Canadian MVPD, got underway in November 2014 in Ontario. Cogeco’s version integrates the Netflix OTT SVOD service alongside TiVo’s unified search platform. Cogeco’s TiVo service is also supported through the MSO’s TV app, which lets customers search and schedule recordings remotely, sideload DVR-recorded programs to smartphones and tablets, and stream live and recorded shows on mobile devices in the home. Cogeco’s first version of the app runs on iPads and iPhones, but a new version for Android devices is expected to debut sometime this spring.

Hoping to give its video subscriber base a boost, Cogeco picked TiVo after announcing it had scrapped a plan to launch an alternative IPTV service. Atlantic Broadband, a Cogeco Cable subsidiary in the U.S., began to roll out a TiVo-powered service in the fall of 2013.

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