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CNN's Acosta Still Banned From White House Grounds

CNN said that as of Thursday night (Nov. 8), senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta's revoked press pass had still not been reinstated by the White House.

It was unclear what the duration of his ouster would be after the White House claimed he had manhandled an intern in retaining the mic and pressing the President in a press conference.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had tweeted a video of the exchange between Costa, the President, and an intern trying to take away Acosta's mic, to demonstrate how Acosta had manhandled her, but AP had an analyst look at the tweeted video (as did other news organizations) and he said it appeared to have been manipulated to make Acosta seem more aggressive.

Acosta is not simply cooling his heels, however, CNN pointed out that he reported Thursday that Labor Secretary Alex Acosta (no relation) was being considered for the vacant attorney general post—following Jeff Session's post-election ouster. Jim Acosta is also traveling to Paris to cover the President's trip there.

CNN says it is working "behind the scenes" to get Acosta's hard pass to the White House grounds restored.