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CNN has released data showing that an average of more than 73 million people visited CNN's digital platforms each month in 2011 and that served up an average of 101.3 million video starts each month last year, up 10% from the 2010 monthly average.

Based on the data, the news organization is arguing that CNN Digital's average monthly unique visitors in 2011, beat "MSNBC by 38%, Fox News by 187%, ABC News Digital by 217% and CBS Interactive by 260%."

CNN also claimed that "with 2.3 billion total page views for the year, CNN Digital outperformed MSNBC by 83%, Fox News by 143%, CBS News by 819%, and ABC News Digital by 1013%."

In a memo to staff, KC Estenson, the senior VP and general manager of CNN Digital noted that "with more than 17 million app downloads, CNN remained the number one mobile news brand for the fourth year running" and that "CNN is the most followed news organization on social media."

In the mobile space, CNN Digital had an average of 19.4 million unique monthly users in 2011.