Clypd Optimizes Programmatic TV Platform

Clypd, a maker of programmatic TV advertising systems, has released Optimize, a product module designed to deliver improved yields across TV asset inventory schedules. Univision, the company revealed, will be among the programmers that will put Optimize in play early on.

Clypd, one of a growing number of companies that's focused on programmatic TV advertising systems, aims to provide the automated workflows and technical plumbing (billing, invoicing, etc.) required to bring scale to the sales process. In addition to Univision, clypd is also known to be working with a variety of cable networks, broadcasters and MVPDs, including ESPN, Cox Media and Suddenlink Communications.

The new Optimize platform integrates components of clypd’s product line, including its engine for programmatic transactions that matches demand to a media owner’s available inventory.

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