Clippit Gets an Upgrade

Didja has launched new versions of its Clippit app, which allows users to clip and share their favorite live TV moments.

The new versions are currently available for Apple and Android devices. Improvements include tools to more easily embed clips in blogs and clearer network attribution for the source of the clip.

Didja first launched the Clippit app in November after having raised $10 million in seed funding.

Since launch, the company has focused on recruiting celebrities, influential people in the media and others to use the app and to talk to the media about how the clipping app could be used to build up their audiences, explains Jim Long, CEO of Didja

“We think clipping is a gold mine for the TV industry because it can bolster interest in live TV,” Long says, at a time when networks are facing increased competition from OTT players that have social media tools deeply embedded in their offerings. 

While users can legally clip and share short clips under the fair use doctrine, Long stresses that they are focused in working with media companies to help them use these clips to improve audience and ad revenue. As a result, they have not started embedding ads in the clips.

“We are not going to monetize this without their permission,” he says. “Since launch our focus has been on making it as easy as possible to create viral clips and to provide the best impact for the content that has been clipped.”

As part of that effort, they are seeing a dramatic increase in the impressions that content is generating, which in the future could boost both viewing and ad revenue. “We thought the average clip would get around 50 impressions on Twitter and Facebook and we are seeing more like 500 and then another 500 from places where it is posted,” he says. “So that is creating a tremendous value.”

The newest updates are focused on further improving the user experience and simplifying the process of creating and sharing clips.

“This is all about helping content creators with fan engagement and revenue,” he says.