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Clinton MakesPSA To Help Flood Victims

Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton is appearing in public service announcements to
raise awareness and funds to help victims of flooding in Pakistan.

The PSAs
launched Tuesday, according to the Ad Council, which puts media outlets
together with good causes to get the word out. In this case, the word
was coming through the State Department, which
created the Pakistan Relief Fund.

The flooding
began a month ago and, according to the council, has affected more
people--over 20 million says Clinton--than the 2004 Indian Ocean
Tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, and the 2010
Haiti earthquake combined.

The PSAs include TV and radio spots and Web banners, which send their audience to where they can donate to the Fund online.

According to
the Ad Council, in addition to the donated media time that will be used
to carry the PSAs, several companies provided production and
distribution services pro bono, and Getty Images donated
pictures of the flooding used in the ads.