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Clearwire Expands 4G Services

has expanded the reach of its 4G wireless network to New York City and
five other markets, bringing the service to a total of 62 markets
inhabited by 82 million people. The service, which is backed by Intel
Capital, Comcast, Sprint, Google, Time Warner Cable and Bright House
Networks, offers wireless speeds that are around four times faster than
existing 3G network.

Besides NYC, the new launches included
Hartford and New Haven Connecticut, Tampa, Florida and Trenton and New
Brunswick, New Jersey.

"We're offering game-changing access to the
internet," noted Jerry Brown, regional general manager for Clear in a
statement. "For the first time consumer are able to wirelessly access
the internet at super-fast speeds, at affordable prices and without
limits on how much data they use."

Clear offers average mobile download speeds of 3 to 6 megabytes per second, with bursts up to 10 Mbps.