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Cisco to Buy Video-Streaming Startup Inlet for $95 Million

Plugging a gap in its "TV Everywhere" lineup, Cisco Systems announced
plans Friday to acquire privately held Inlet Technologies, a provider
of adaptive-bit-rate video processing platforms, for $95 million.

video-encoding technology adapts the quality of a video stream based on
real-time network conditions as well as the capabilities of the target
device. According to Cisco, the Raleigh, N.C.-based startup will
strengthen the capabilities of the Videoscape TV platform, by letting
service and content providers deliver video to any device over any
IP-based network.

Videoscape, which Cisco debuted at CES last month,
cobbles together different product families in a framework designed to
let TV service providers merge traditional television with online
content, as well as integrate social media, videoconferencing and mobile

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