Cheetah Launches New V-Factor Source Monitor

Cheetah Technologies is launching the new V-Factor Source Monitor (SM) 150 that allows cable operators to analyze up to 12 HDTV channels at one time. That is a major improvement from the two channels that could be monitored by each appliance in the past.

In addition to the increased processing density of V-Factor SM 150, the company is also billing the monitor as offering reduced energy consumption because it can monitor more channels at once and lower operating costs because it can automate a number of tasks that previously requiring an operator.

"V-Factor technology is a hybrid between deep packet inspection (DPI) and deep content inspection (DCI), which Cheetah believes is essential to ensuring accurate root cause analysis for video service providers," stated Steve Day, senior VP of marketing and strategic planning, Cheetah Technologies in a statement.

"As we continue to improve density and reduce cost, it will create a continuum towards true digital video monitoring, anywhere," continued Day, who added that the company is already working on additional density improvements. "This improvement is attributed to continued software optimization and Intel processor improvements."