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Cheetah Launches CheetahXD 4.0

Cheetah Technologies has officially released its
CheetahXD 4.0 network performance management software, which will power
the company's recently launched Network Tracker Plus network performance
monitoring device.

"Cable and
broadband service providers are under more pressure than ever before, as
competition is incredibly fierce," said Steve Day, senior VP of
marketing and strategic planning at Cheetah Technologies in a statement.
"Ensuring and maintaining a high quality of experience is an essential
part of every operator's service. CheetahXD 4.0 supports network
performance monitoring in any mission critical location in the networks,
allowing for a proactive approach to quality assurance in real-time."

help cable operators respond to those competitive pressures with the
best possible quality of service, the CheetahXD 4.0 and Network Tracker
Plus solution provides a full suite of testing and reporting
technologies, including the ability to run complete system analysis of
analog video, DOCSIS data and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM)
digital video channels.