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Channel Master Makes Pitch to Aereo Subs

Looking to gain from Aereo’s loss at the Supreme Court Wednesday, Channel Master said it is offering Aereo subscribers a discounted rate on a “TV Freedom” package that bundles in a free over-the-air TV antenna and its subscription-less DVR.

The offer, good through July 6, is for a package that includes the company’s SMARTenna, DVR+ device, and a USB Wi-Fi adapter for $269.99, which is $80 off the full retail price, according to the company. To participate, Aereo customers must present Channel Master with a copy of their June 2014 bill.

The SMARTenna is a multi-directional digital outdoor/indoor antenna, with claims that it can receive TV broadcast signals from up to 50 miles away. The DVR+ box, launched last December and targeted to so-called “cord-cutters,” is a $249 dual-tuner HD-DVR with a 14-day guide that can record over-the-air TV programming and support over-the-top video services, including VUDU, via its integrated broadband connection.

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