CES: Verizon Demos Full HD 3D To Via Panasonic Blu-Ray Player

Las Vegas -- Verizon showed off full HD
3D video -- in contrast to the "frame compatible" 3D currently available
from pay TV providers -- over FiOS TV streaming to a Panasonic Blu-ray
Disc 3D player here at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The telco enabled the demo by porting its interactive program guide
to run on the Panasonic player. The video, a clip of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland,
was delivered with 1080p for both left- and right-eye images.
Frame-compatible 3D delivers half the resolution of HD, by squeezing
both images into one screen.

"Panasonic has always believed that the best way to view 3D is via a
Full HD, 1080p resolution image, but until now the only option available
has been on Blu-ray Disc media," Panasonic chief technology officer
Eisuke Tsuyuzaki said in a statement. "Over Verizon's high-bandwidth
FiOS network, we've now shown that this kind of innovation can be
accomplished by a premium television service like FiOS as well."

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