CES : TiVo Unveils DVR Software

TiVo used last week's CES show in Las Vegas to demonstrate its digital video recorder (DVR) software running on a standard Motorola DCT6412 DVR set-top box, a development project it has taken on behalf of cable giant Comcast.

Comcast announced in March 2005 that it would incorporate TiVo’s user interface into its digital cable service, and began trials with the TiVo service on Motorola boxes late last year. Cox also announced last summer that it would incorporate TiVo into both Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola set-tops.
TiVo has taken pains to engineer its software to work on any set-top, to avoid re-engineering it in the future, says TiVo vice president David Sandford. On the Motorola box, TiVo has managed to combine the functions of a Comcast electronic program guide with its DVR interface in a seamless manner, including the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward live television in a small window while simultaneously viewing the guide.
Another key feature is that TiVo can perform a global search by keyword for broadcast, DVR and video-on-demand content. VOD content can be launched directly from that search page, a significant improvement over typical cable VOD platforms. TiVo has also created a new, optional remote for the Motorola box, which Sandford says can be mailed to customers to save a truck roll. The TiVo software itself can be downloaded over cable pipes to existing set-tops