CES: TiVo To Demo Network DVR Prototype

Complete Coverage: CES 2014

Las Vegas – International CES – TiVo said it will show off a prototype of a network-based DVR here at the annual CE conference, presenting the progress it has made since announcing plans for the cloud-based offering last September at the IBC show in Amsterdam.

TiVo noted that many of its features for its traditional DVR products are already delivered from the cloud. Adding network-based storage to the equation is the “easy part,” Joshua Danovitz, TiVo's VP of innovation, said, in a statement.

In addition to moving Roamio, TiVo’s current generation interface and service to the cloud, a network-based approach will also help operators and programmers manage complex content rights, enabling them to create catch-up TV services and other new tiers, and to splice targeted ads shows that are recorded in the cloud.

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