CES: Samsung to Launch Virtual Reality Streaming Service

As part of an opening press conference that placed heavy emphasis on the importance of combining content and technology, Samsung has announced plans to create a new virtual reality streaming service that will include new original content each day.

The new service Milk VR was promoted on stage by David Alpert the executive producer of The Walking Dead. He stated that his production company was working on a mystery/thriller episodic show for the streaming service but declined to say if it would include zombies.

Last fall Samsung launched a virtual reality system that uses its mobile Note 4 smartphone and the launch of Milk VR will provide content to help drive usage.

Other content providers include the NBA, which will provide highlights and behind the scenes reports.

Samsung also highlighted the launch of the UHD Alliance, of which it is a leading member, and a number of improvements to its 4K sets.

These included a new SUHD line that offer much improved color gamut and contrast for much better blacks and colors.

Studio executives also appeared on stage to discuss their close work with Samsung to improve the picture quality of the new UHD sets.