CES: Samsung Connects With Comcast, DirecTV, Amazon, Netflix and M-GO on 4K

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Las Vegas – International CES -- Samsung Electronics announced that Comcast, DirecTV, M-GO and Amazon will be among the initial partners that will deliver a package of Ultra HD content to its new line of 4K TVs.

Comcast announced Monday that it has teamed with Samsung to deliver 4K content to 2014 Samsung UHD TVs later this year via an Xfinity TV 4K app that will be integrated with the set and allow users to stream, via the Internet, a menu of 4K movies and TV shows on-demand. Comcast said it's also working with programmers, including NBCUniversal, to provide a library of 4K choices for the Xfinity TV 4K app.

"At Comcast, we continue to look for innovative ways to offer our subscribers the most high-quality choices. We will continue to push the boundaries of high-definition technology to deliver the best possible experience to our viewers; 4K UHD is no different," said Matt Strauss, senior VP and GM of video services for Comcast Cable, in a statement. "This partnership with Samsung is one way our customers can stream shows and movies in 4K UHD, offering subscribers a glimpse of the television viewing experience of the future. Later this year, our new X1 set-top boxes will deliver 4K UHD content to all 4K UHD capable televisions."

Comcast demonstrated 4K delivered via IP and QAM at last June’s Cable Show in Washington, D.C.

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