CES: Samsung CEO Pledges IoT Openness

Las Vegas – International CES — Samsung is placing a huge bet on the so called Internet of Things, but company co-CEO BK Yoon stressed here Monday that the only way IoT can achieve its full potential is through the adoption of open standards and a steering away from proprietary systems.  

“We need an open ecosystem so IoT devices work together,” he said during the keynote, adding that the CE industry requires collaboration across the various elements of IoT, including sensors and how the devices themselves interconnect and communicate with each other.  

Among the lofty goals is to develop an open OS for IoT devices. “The IoT experience has to be seamless,” Yoon said.

Samsung, the exec added, is playing its part with a promise that all of its IoT components will be open, allowing devices from third-parties to interconnect with Samsung’s IoT products 

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