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CES: Octoshape Launches Cloudmass for IP Video

Octoshape has launched Cloudmass, a cloud based content delivery service that is designed to provide an instant and flexible global infrastructure for the delivery of high quality video over the internet.

 "The keys to success with large audience demand is achieving resilient scalability to deliver HD-quality content to an increasingly global audience but without the time and costs associated with pre-preparing fixed network resources that are inherently inflexible and lack necessary reach," explained Scott Brown, U.S. general manger for Copenhagen-based Octoshape in a statement.

Cloudmass uses a flexible cloud-based system that dynamically grows and contracts based on the real-time needs of content owners' audience demands. That flexibility overcomes some of the capacity planning and last-minute equipment deployments that are often associated with typical fixed content delivery network (CDN) used to deliver content.

This flexibility also tends to produce much lower costs than a traditional infrastructure for global IP delivery, which generally has to be created for peak capacity that might go unused much of the day.

The Cloudmass approach employs a "far more flexible global cloud resources [capable of] delivering potentially huge savings and cost avoidance in capital- and operational- expenditures,"  explained Colin Dixon, senior partner, at TDG Research, a digital media research and advisory firm in a statement.