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CES: Mobile Content Venture Announces Partnerships

As part of a push to promote the deployment of mobile digital TV services at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the Mobile Convent Venture announced agreements with MobiTV and Nagra-Kudelski to provide technology and services for the mobile DTV launches. The group also noted that it had received commitments from several manufacturers, including Dell and Samsung, to create to create MCV-compatible devices and that it expects to announce additional devices in the upcoming months.

As part of the technology agreements, Nagra-Kudelski will assist MCV in managing its standards-based conditional access and will provide a simple user registration process for consumers. While the members of MVC will be providing free-ad supported content to viewers at launch in late 2011, the condition access system could allow broadcasters to develop other business models, including subscription or on-demand content at some future date.  

MCV has also partnered with MobiTV to develop a number of consumer applications. As part of that agreement, MobiTV will build a single client that unifies broadcast and unicast content. This client will utilize the MobiTV Accelerated Media Platform, which allows for integration of 3rd parties, such as Nagra-Kudelski.

In addition, MobiTV will manage the operational aspect of the service for MCV.

"Our partnerships with MobiTV, Nagra, Dell and Samsung are a critical step in the growth of the platform," noted Salil Dalvi, co-general manager of MCV and senior vice president at NBC Universal Digital Distribution and Erik Moreno, co-general manager of MCV and senior vice president at FOX in a joint statement. "A vibrant mobile TV ecosystem needs broadcast services, consumer devices that comply with ATSC-Mobile standards, and the ability to enable multiple business models for content owners. MCV is thrilled to work with these industry leaders to make this ecosystem possible."

MCV is a joint venture made up of 12 major broadcast groups as well as Fox, ION Television, and NBC. Members of the group have committed to launching mobile DTV services in about 40% of the U.S. market in late 2011.