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CES: Flingo Debuts Samba

Complete Coverage: CES 2013

Smart TV app publisher Flingo is launching a new interactive platform called Samba that is links together TVs, smartphones, tablets or PCs with that is happening on live TV programming.

The platform eliminates the need to download an app or log in to access second screen features because it is integrated directly into the TV, the set-top box or other devices.

As the viewer flips through channels, Samba automatically recommends related online videos or similar TV programs, and generates real-time information and social media discussions about the TV program currently playing. The integration of Samba directly into the TV or set-top box also enables interactive TV features like check-ins, tweets, polls, quizzes, cast and crew information, and other features.

"We saw a surge of Smart TV and tablet adoption in 2012, but realized that a seamless TV experience across all screens was missing," said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Flingo, which has provided over 75 connected TV apps to a number of major media companies. "Samba will blur the lines between linear television and the Web, in a way that empowers the viewers, giving them an unprecedented viewing experience."

As part of the launch, Flingo also announced that the technology, which will be demoed by the company during CES, was being integrated into some connected TVs.

These include Hisense, China's leading TV manufacturer. It will integrate Samba interactive TV platform into Hisense Smart TVs.

"Samba makes Smart TVs even smarter by providing an integrated second screen experience," said Peter Erdman, Vice President of consumer electronics, Hisense USA. "Our customers have told us that they want more content choices and control over the entertainment experience.  With Samba, Hisense immediately has a powerful tool to bring together phones, tablets and TVs, and the foundation to make the whole home smarter and more connected in the future."

In additional, Haier has chosen Samba to automatically identify and enhance live TV programs and will integrate the platform into Haier Smart TVs.