CES: Dish Enhances, Super-Sizes Hopper HD-DVR Platform

Las Vegas – International CES – Arming itself for the ongoing battle for video subscribers and high end video “enthusiasts,” Dish Network used the annual gadgetfest here to unveil a wave of enhancements and additions to its Hopper-branded whole-home HD-DVR platform, including the SuperJoey, a device that enables Dish subs to record as many as eight shows as once when paired with the Hopper whole-home HD-DVR with Sling.

In that scenario, the baseline Hopper HD-DVR, which is equipped with three tuners, adds two more tuners from the SuperJoey. The combo can record up to eight shows at once so long as four include the major broadcast channels (ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS). Dish’s Primetime Anytime feature, which records the primetime hours of those broadcast channels, uses technology that ingests all four live broadcast TV feeds via a single tuner.

Without Primetime Anytime enabled, the Hopper/SuperJoey combo can record any five shows at the same time.

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