CES: Cisco CEO Plugs the ‘Internet Of Everything’

Complete Coverage: CES 2014

Las Vegas – International CES – Cisco Systems chairman and CEO John Chambers’s keynote here on Tuesday was light on news, but heavy on vision.

Chambers used his platform at the annual gadgetfest to extoll the virtues – and the potentially massive business opportunities – of the so called “Internet of Everything,” a term that loosely means adding Internet intelligence to just about every touch point in a person’s everyday life.

Chambers then slapped a big, round figure on that opportunity—$19 trillion, a number that includes a focus on the private and public sectors, the involvement of entire cities, and, he hopes, entire countries. And, of course, Cisco thinks it has the networking technology that can help drive IOE forward at a rapid rate.

IOE “will be bigger than anything done in high tech in a decade,” Chambers boldly predicted, claiming that 2014 will represent the “transformational pivotal point for the Internet of Everything,” and when the concept will go “mainstream.”

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