CES: Broadcom Knits NDS Security Into 3D-Capable Set-Top Chips

Broadcom has integrated NDS's VideoGuard Security Kernel into its
family of 11 system-on-a-chip solutions based on a 40-nanometer
architecture, each of which has the horsepower to handle full-resolution
3DTV content as well as secure content sharing over home networks.

40-nanometer set-top box designs from Broadcom will integrate NDS's
advanced conditional access features such as Control Word Protection and
ICAM (integrated conditional access module) into silicon.

NDS VideoGuard security architecture enables pay-TV operators to
securely deliver broadcast and on-demand content and services to devices
in and around the home," NDS vice president of consumer device
platforms Martin Kaufmann said in a statement. "The integration of our
Security Kernel with Broadcom chipsets enables us to provide a more
advanced and hardened level of protection for operators who select
Broadcom technology."

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