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CES: 3DTV Still Suffers From 'Black Hole Of Content'

Complete Coverage: CES 2012

Las Vegas -- There's a dearth of 3D content on television two years after the first 3DTVs hit the market, but that should start to change as TV networks cut production costs and consumers buy more sets in 2012, industry executives said on a panel here at CES Tuesday.

"We're now in a phase where we're concentrating more on the economics," said Vince Pace, chairman of 3D production firm Cameron Pace Group. "We're going to get the cost of 3D production down the cost of 2D production... It's natural that we will progress to a state where the economics will scale up to fill this black hole of content that exists."

ESPN on Monday delivered its 188th live 3D telecast, with ESPN 3D's coverage of the Bowl Championship Series college football title game between LSU and Alabama. ESPN 3D launched in June 2010 with the World Cup.

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