CES 2018: Cox Rolls 1-Gig to 40% of Customers Across Footprint

Cox Communications said its 1-Gig broadband service is now available to 40% of customers across its U.S. footprint.

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Cox initially started to deliver gigabit speeds to residential customers using FTTP technology, but has been complementing that with DOCSIS 3.1 deployments on its HFC network. Cox timed its gigabit deployment update with this week’s CES in Las Vegas, which is also one of the cities in Cox’s service footprint. Cox also powers the wired and wireless infrastructure at the Las Vegas Convention Center (including 2,100 WiFi access points, redundant 10-Gig backbone internet connections and a distributed antenna system that is equal to 14 cell towers).

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Under its current pace, Cox expects to offer gigabit speeds (with service branded as “Gigablast”) to 99% of homes on its network by the end of 2019. Cox started to offer residential 1-Gig speeds in 2014.

"As one of the first providers of gigabit internet speeds, we are excited to rapidly expand that choice to more of our customers nationwide," Cox president Pat Esser said, in a statement. "The innovative technology and devices displayed at CES are all powered by broadband and our latest investments help bring these connected applications to the businesses and residents of the communities we serve."

Cox said it expects to invest $10 billion in its infrastructure over the next five years.