CES 2017: EchoStar Pitches Android TV-Powered AirTV Box for $99

AirTV, a new Android TV-powered device from EchoStar that targets cord-cutters by integrating over-the-air TV with over-the-top content, starts at $99, according to new details posted on the product website, which proclaims that the product enables consumers to “Cut the cord. Keep the TV experience.”

The baseline AirTV Player and remote control costs $99, while the AirTV Adapter, a dongle that tunes the box for local over-the-air channels, sells for $39.99. To prime the pump, EchoStar is also offering an AirTV Player/Adapter bundle for $129.99 that discounts $10 from the purchase price. Users will also need to buy a digital antenna to capture over-the-air TV signals.

AirTV is also optimized for Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT-TV service and integrates Netflix. Additionally, the device also supports apps and services from Google Play. The AirTV remote control features discrete buttons for direct access to Netflix and Google Play.

The site also notes that the AirTV Player supports 4K/Ultra HD video.

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