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CES 2016: AT&T Links DirecTV to Digital Life

Adding some service and tech synergies following its acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T said Digital Life, its home automation and security platform, now works with some DirecTV equipment, though that integration is limited, for now, to Internet-connected Genie HD-DVRs (Model 34 or higher).

AT&T said it made that possible by incorporating a Digital Life app into DirecTV Genie set-tops, enabling those customers to arm and disarm security and monitor the status of the system, including connected video cameras.

Also timed with CES, AT&T said it’s actively trialing and planning a commercial launch this year of a Voice Assistant mobile app for AT&T Digital Life that runs on Interactions’ Curo speech and language platform.  When rolled out, customers will be able to use their voice to control certain aspects of the service’s home security and automation system functions.  For example, customers will be able to ask the system if the security system is armed or tell it to turn off the lights or set thermometer levels.

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