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CenturyLink to Protect FCC Online Complaints

CenturyLink has secured a contract to handle even more online security for the FCC.

In 2012, CenturyLink won a contract to provide MTIPS (Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service) to the commission through 2017 at an estimated $2.64 million.

The ISP said Thursday it has also won the contract to provide similar services to the FCC's Gettysburg, Pa., IT facility, the primary nexus for FCC inquiries and complaints. That is valued at $875,000 over five years.

“CenturyLink looks forward to providing its market-leading MTIPS infrastructure to the FCC’s Gettysburg IT center and helping protect both the center and the commission from network attacks,” said Erich Sanchack, CenturyLink senior VP and general manager, federal government.

In December, CenturyLink secured an $11.4 million contract (three years at $3.8 million per year) to provide VoIP service to the state offices of U.S. senators. That contract could actually total $26 million if the government picks up four one-year options.